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BECOOL Newsletter n°1

BECOOL Newsletter


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Spatio-temporal assessment of integrating intermittent electricity in the EU and Western Balkans power sector under ambitious CO2 emission policies
(Mesfun, S., Leduc, S., Patrizio, P., Wetterlund. E., Mendoza-Poncea, A., Lammensc, T., Staritsky, I., Elbersen, B., Lundgren, J., Kraxner, F.)

Biomass Production and Feedstock Diversification for Advanced Biofuels: the BECOOL Project
(Christou, M., Alexopoulou, E., Monti, A., Zegada-Lizarazu, W., Parenti, A., Carrasco, J., Ciria, C.S., Pari, L., Suardi, A.)

Perennial Grasses as feedstock for Bioenergy and Bio-Products
(Alexopoulou, E., Christou, M., Zegada-Lizarazu, W., Monti, A., Parenti, A., Carrasco, J., Ciria, C.S.)

Evaluation of Sunn Hemp Productivity after Wheat under No Tillage Conditions
(Parenti, A., Zegada-Lizarazu, W., Monti, A.)

Sunn Hemp, a Promising Leguminous Energy Crop as Inter-Cropping System: Preliminary Results for Spain
(Sastre, C.M., Royano, L., Ciria, C.S., Parralejo, A.I., González, J., Ciria, P., Carrasco, J.)

Sowing Dates Effect on Camelina Growth in Different EU Climatic Zones
(Christou, M., Alexopoulou, E., Zanetti, F., Krzyżaniak, M., Stolarski, M.J., Righini, D., Monti, A.)

Maize Cob Harvesting: first assessment of an innovative system
(Pari, L., Bergonzoli, S., Suardi, A., Alfano, V., Scarfone, A., Lazar, S.)

Intercropping Dedicated Grass and Legume Crops for Advanced Biofuel Production
(A.Parenti, W. Zegada-Lizarazu, A. Monti)

Building Value Chains for Large Scale Ft Production
(B.J. Vreugdenhil, E.H. Boymans, P.M.R. Abelha, M. Buffi, D. Chiaramonti)

Sustainable Biomass Feedstock Options for Advanced Biofuels
(M. Christou, E. Alexopoulou, A. Monti, W. Zegada-Lizarazu, A. Parenti, J. Carrasco, C.M. Sastre)

Comparable studies on four annual herbaceous lignocellulosic crops as feedstock for advanced biofuels
(E. Alexopoulou, W.Zegada-Lizarazu, M.Christou, A.Monti)

Innovative Lignocellulosic Crop Rotation Systems as a Source of Feedstock for Biofuels Production
(W. Zegada-Lizarazu, A. Parenti, C. Martin-Sastre, J. Carrasco, M. Cristou, E. Alexopoulou, A. Monti)

Fractional Condensation of Slow Oxidative and Intermediate Pyrolysis Vapors from Lignocellulosic Biomass: Pilot Unit Design and Testing
(M. Buffi, S. Dell’Orco, A. M. Rizzo, D. Chiaramonti)

Investigation of Slurries Made of Char-In-Pyrolysis Oil in Terms of Formulations, Stability, and Rheological Properties
(Buffi, M.)

A Value Chain for Large Scale FT Production: the Case of Pyrolysis Oil-char Slurry Gasification
(Boymans, E., Vreugdenhil, B., Abelha, P., Buffi, M., Chiaramonti, D.)