News from the Field – Greece

After the field updates from BECOOL trials at Cadriano farm near Bologna (Italy), here we may observe rotational trials occurred this summer in Greece. Here, CRES is monitoring field trials on switchgrass, miscanthus, giant reed established in 2012 on low-fertility lands. In parallel with that,  it  is conducting trials on marginal lands of switchgrass and giant reed stands implemented in 1998 and 2002 as well as demo field of giant reed established in 2003.

Pictures taken by our partners of CRES (Center for Renewable Energy Souces) show the state-of-the-art of wheat, sunn hemp, hemp, kenaf  (a variety of Kenaf flowers developed by IBFC in China) and sorghum from the early stages of growth until before harvesting.

  • View of the rotation trial (08/06/18). Wheat is ready to be harvested while sunn hemp, hemp, kenaf and sorghum are at the early stages of growth.
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