Impact of Liquid Biofuels: Thoughts on Determining Impact and Strategy

The BECOOL project aims at developing innovative solution within European agricultural systems to produce lignocellulosic biomass for advanced biofuels. The project assesses different value chains from several biomass resources. In order to understand the impact advanced biofuels may have, a conceptual approach to answer the questions on impact and necessary strategies was developed and is available as Deliverable 5.4.

To complement and deepen the understanding of the current framework conditions and the potential drivers for future changes, recent work focused on understanding the market players and stakeholders and their positions towards the use of advanced biofuels in the future transport system of the EU. The analyses distinguish between biofuels for aviation and road transport where necessary, based on the different policy framework.

Collaboration with Brazilian Partners of BioValue

For the analysis of the (potential) impact of advanced biofuels and the consecutive development of strategies, it is important to apply a methodological approach which can also be utilised or adapted by the BioValue consortium. This transferability helps to later study how the work of the two consortia / projects influences each other. It can also help to gain insights whether there may be any synergies or competition between the considered markets. Furthermore, the results can be compared to not only enable the derivation of specific strategies in the European and Brazilian contexts but also enable cross-regional strategy development to support the market uptake for biofuels. A workshop to discuss the transferability and application of this methodological approach is anticipated to take place at the next BECOOL and BioValue project meeting in December 2019.

The deliverable presenting the results on impact and strategy will be available by the end of the project duration.

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