Towards advanced biofuels from energy crops – Gasification and gas cleaning

An important outcome of the BECOOL project is the development of a competitive business case for biofuel production in Europe. To accomplish this, demonstration and the accompanied process development are vital. In this video, Evert Boymans, TNO Netherlands present the results of gasification tests of fiber sorghum, giant reed and Eucalyptus, obtained from experiments at mini-pilot scale, including the tar removal, BTX recovery and sulphur removal. The presentation also explains the methodologies used to remove trace sulphur components such as mercaptans and thiophenes using HDS/ZnO combinations.

For all the three types of biomass the gasification tests were successful, with typical carbon conversion rates between 70% and 80% at 800°C. although sorghum and giant reed resulted more challenging than eucalyptus for what concerns downstream syngas cleaning, due to their higher content of sulphur and nitrogen.

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