A Workshop to Harmonize Data for Integrated Sustainability Assessment

An important element of BECOOL is the development of biomass-to-advanced biofuels value chains that combine the different key research activities of the project into a consistent framework. The project is conducting an integrated sustainability and market framework assessment, to optimize those value chains and to identify the most promising ones, both from the economic and the environmental points of view, under current and future market conditions.

In order to achieve this, a coordinated approach for the collection of consistent and harmonised data for the value chains is necessary. In January 2018, a dedicated workshop was organized in Athens to define in details each step of the value chains of giant reed, eucalyptus, fibre sorghum and lignin-rich residues from cultivation to conversion into advanced biofuels.

Based on the outcomes of the workshop, partner DBFZ defined the process and the methodological approach for data harmonisation and for the integrated market framework assessment. The results of this work are described  in this report.

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