//One Year of Project Meetings

One Year of Project Meetings

The latest meeting of BECOOL was held on 13 and 14 June in Borgo San Lorenzo, a town located a few minutes drive north of Florence, in the beautiful rural area of Mugello in Italy. The meeting was an opportunity for all the partners not only to discuss the progress on the current and future tasks, but also to deepen the discussion on the methodological approach, the logistic and the technological implications of full biomass-to-advanced biofuels value chains. Partners also discussed about the biochemical and thermochemical conversion processes, and the related feedstock requirements of the value chain (which biomass characteristics are required for conversion processes).
The two-days meeting was also an opportunity for all BECOOL partners to visit the laboratories and the facilities of RE-CORD.

BECOOL Consortium Meeting at San Lorenzo, Tuscany (Italy)

BECOOL partners visiting RE-CORD laboratories during meeting in San Lorenzo

The topics deepened  during the meeting in San Lorenzo had been previously addressed on the occasion of the 26th EUBCE in Copenhagen, where BECOOL Consortium gathered to present the project the public as well as to set the basis for the next organizational aspects and faced with some technical features.

A moment captured from the BECOOL meeting on the 26th EUBCE.

BECOOL partners at work during the meeting on the 26th EUBCE.

The first occasion to discuss and to learn the details of the project was the kick-off meeting held in Bologna on the 28th and 29th June 2017. It was a great opportunity to meet in person the Brazilian representatives of the twin project BIOVALUE, which is about to start.

BECOOL consortium at the kick-off meeting in Bologne (Italy), June 2017, together with brazilian colleagues from BioValue project.

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